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Bulk Cement 20FT ISO Tank Container

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Bulk Cement 20FT ISO Tank Container
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iso tank containerfor cement / coal ash pneumatic ash fly container,coal ash tank container

Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22,500-Litre 2.2BAR >8M3/min

Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22, 500-Litre 2.2bar >8m3/Min

ISO Bulk Cement Tank Container 20FT

material: steel container
Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22, 500-Litre 2.2bar >8m3/Min

Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22, 500-Litre 2.2bar >8m3/Min

Type: powder particle structure: closed container

Load: 30 tons container volume: 20000L

Internal dimensions: 2380*5900 model: 20 feet

External dimension: 6058*2438*2591 volume: 20000L

Total weight: 36000KG box size: 6058*2438*2591

Case type: 20 feet dead weight: 5000KG

The pictures are for your reference only.  

The specification as below: Work time : 120 ~180 days

Type:                 20'  x  8 '  x  8 ' 6"  Full frame Collar type UN Container Tank  for Carrying bulk cement
   20ISO  Q345R(20x 8x 86  6058*2438*2591 mm)

Capacity:         22000 Litres+/-2%

MAGW:    30480 KG

Tare:  up to 4600 KG

Design Pressure:       2.0 BAR

Working Pressure:  2.2BAR  8M3/min

Test Pressure:          2.6 BAR

External Pressure:        0.41 BAR

Design Temperature:      -20ºC to 110ºC

Material:      Q345R

Thickness:    Shell 5mm,   Head: 6mm

Frame Q345D

Design Code: SB/T10561-2010, IMDG CODE 36-12

Third Party Inspection: CCS (China Classification Society)    


Manlid:            2*500mm dia low profile manlid. 2X500MM

Relief Valve: 1*2" Relief Valve .1X2"

Inlet Air Valve:    4*2"  Airline Ball Valve .2X2"

Outlet Air Valve:1*2"  Airline Ball Valve .

Bottom Discharge Assembly:2*4" bottom discharge butterfly valve assembly  

Walkway:     "H" Style Marine Grade Aluminium Q grating with ladder on the right

Gas Fluidized Bed:
Air bag fluidized bed (V type two storehouse type), tank body adopts double cone inside tilting horizontal structure, two storehouses at the same time intake and discharge, two storehouses can be fed at the same time.

After opening the outlet air valve and making the pressure in the tank return to zero (check the value of the pressure gauge), open the manhole and load the material into the tank. After loading, clean the powder at the inlet to ensure the sealing performance.

1 . Connect the unloading pipe to ensure reliable sealing,
2. Close unloading valve, external air connection valve and secondary air valve,;
3. Connect the inlet pipe to ensure reliable sealing; Open the air inlet valve, open the external air source, and inflate the gas chamber in the tank; When the pressure inside the tank -- that is, the pressure gauge reading reaches 2BAR, open the discharge valve (if the pressure continues to rise, the pipe is blocked). Discharge pressure shall be maintained between 1.8 and 2.4BAR. When the unloading is completed and the pressure in the tank drops to 0.2BAR, open the secondary air ball valve to dredge all the unloading pipes.
4. Shut off the air source after unloading; Open the out airline valve to discharge the pressure in the tank.

Bulk cement tank container: tank internal design concept: the use of domestic advanced production technology, innovative design, strong and durable. Air bag type bearing capacity, unloading speed, small residual. Integrated synthesis of the tank with high overall strength, good rigidity, good pressure, good performance and so on. The fluidized bed in the tank is designed scientifically and arranged reasonably, which can effectively shorten the discharging time, up to 1.4t /min, improve the volume utilization rate of the tank, reduce the ash remaining rate, and the ash remaining rate is 0.2%. The tank body of bulk cement carrier adopts double cone internal tilting horizontal structure, double pipe inlet and double cylinder feeding, and its discharging speed and surplus rate all meet the requirements of industry standards.

Dong Run Ze 20feet tank container Unit DRAU
Ext. Length mm 6058
Ext. Width mm 2438
Ext. Height mm 2591
M.G.W kg 30,480
Tare kg 4,950
Max. Payload kg 25,530
Cubic Capacity 20;22.5
Stacking Unit high 5
Air Source Pressure Mpa 0.25
Air Supply m³/min 20
Air Inlet Dia. mm 50
Cargo Inlet Dia. mm 450
Cargo Outlet Dia. mm 150
Loading Temp. °C <80
Ave. Speed of Discharging (pump into silo in 30m far and 30m high) t/min 2.0-2.5
Residual Ratio
Standard Fittings:
Manlid 500mm (20") diameter, 6 point fixing, 14mm x 12mm seal, located centre.
Air-inlet diameter 100mm cam lock type joint.
Outlet diameter 4" male adaptor.
Average speed of discharge (conveying cement to the place 30m high, 30m far) Cement: 1.0~1.5 t/min.
Remnant Ratio % cement: ≤0.3 (Cement: Not more than 100kg).
Gaskets & Seals Parts in contact with cargo, PTFE/Teflon.
Pipe System The dry compressed airflow via 100 mm cam-lock type joint enters into a main pipe with a 2.5" one-way valve, a 2" safety valve, 1/2"safety valve and a pressure gauge, then goes into two air cavities at each side of the inside of the tank through two branch pipes which separately connected to the tank and main pipe. Another airflow goes through a 1" ball valve and a 1" one-way valve into the unloading pipe in order to speed up unloading cement. The diameter of maim pipe is 76mm and the branch pipe is 57mm.

Unloading pipe
4" steel pipe. One discharge butterfly valve and one 4" male adaptor are fixed on the discharge pipe.
Data Plate / Markings Stainless steel data plate detailing specifications fitted rear end.
Frame Frame is composed of front and rear end frames, top and bottom. Each end frame is constructed by two (2) corner posts, top and bottom end rails, and
four (4) thick diagonal corner plates.
side rails, two (2) barrel supports, two (2) saddle s, eight (8) corner fittings.
Walkway 400MM-wide non-slip steel. One longitudinal walkway and three short transverse walkways at the front and rear

Tank container main Technical Parameters

20FT tankcontainer 30FT tank container 40FT tank container
Overall dimension(mm) 6058×2438×2438/2591 9144×2438×2438/2591 12192×2438×2438/2591
Working temperature(ºC) -12C-50C

ISO Tank Container 20 FT For Hazardous Liquids

Road transport Tank Container

T4,T6,T7,T8,T9, T10,T11,T14,T50 portable tank;

Size : 20 feet
Length : +6.058- 6.06 m
Width : +2.438- 2.44 m
Height : 2.438/2.591- 2.60 m

Hydrochloric acid iso Tank

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ISO Tank

20FT T50 Liquid Chlorine Isotank Container Cl2 Un1017 Max Storage Pressure 1.5MPa 21670L

Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22, 500-Litre 2.2bar >8m3/Min  

20FT 20000liters Stainless Steel Nitric Acid Hno3, Hf Acid, Naoh Sodium Hydroxide ISO Tank Container SS30408

Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22, 500-Litre 2.2bar >8m3/Min  

20 Feet Q235B+PE Linging Acid Sodium Salt Liquid ISO Tank Container for Corrosive Sodium 3-Chloro-2-Hydroxypropanesulfonate 20kl Drilling Fluid Petrochemicals

Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22, 500-Litre 2.2bar >8m3/Min  

T14 Un Portable Tanks for Offshore Ship Transport 55% Hydrofluoric Acid Un1790, 38% Hydrochloric Acid Un1789 (21KL 20FT 22K2 ISO TANK CONTAINER)

Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22, 500-Litre 2.2bar >8m3/Min  

Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22, 500-Litre 2.2bar >8m3/Min  

20FT ISO Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container 21cbm (21000 Liters Steel Lined LLDPE) for Vietnam Chemical Factory Acid Trailer Transportation

Bulk 20FT ISO Cement Tank Container 22, 500-Litre 2.2bar >8m3/Min  

Anhydrous Liquid Ammonia Isotank Nh3 ISO Tank Container 20FT 24000L


Trailer Mounted Lined PE Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Storage Transport Tanks 6600gallon for Saudi Arabia

Packaging & Shipping

Trailer Mounted Lined PE Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Storage Transport Tanks 6600gallon for Saudi Arabia

Trailer Mounted Lined PE Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Storage Transport Tanks 6600gallon for Saudi Arabia


1.Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are Group Corporation manufacturer ,have Group Factories Contractor.  

2 .Can I have samples of this type of product to test the quality?  
Yes, you can buy any sample to test the quality,our MOQ is 1 unit.  

3. What's the delivery time and can you lower the price?  
It depends on your order.The delivery time is within 30~120 workdays after we received your prepayment. If you have placed an order of large quantities, then,of course, the price can be lowered.  
4.Can you supply some quick-wear parts?
Yes, we can supply the parts as your request,such as Manhole cover,discharge tube, hose pipe, Valves,gaskets,Botls and nuts etc.  
6.Do you have any used products for sale?
We have products in stock for choices,the prices are favorable,we'll show you our stock products if you need.

7.What's the payment terms?
TT 30% as deposit, balance before shipment by TT or at sight.  

8. How to guarantee customers get the goods smoothly after they payment?  
Don't worry,dear.We have joined the trade assurance,you can place the order by trade assurance,if we don't delivery products, the deposit will be returned to you.

9.How can you ensure the quality of the products?

Don't worry,dear.We have joined the trade assurance,if the products have quality problems when you received them,the payments can be refund to you.

T1 ISO tank container for Wine / Juices and Light liquids
T3 ISO tank container for Petrol, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Crude Oil (ATF), Bitumen
T4 ISO tank container for Edible / Non Edible Oils
T11 ISO tank container for Non hazardous chemicals
T14 ISO tank container For Hazardous Chemicals and Acids like HCL / Caustic / sulfuric acid/ Ferric Chloride) with Rubber lining / FRP lining Inner / PE lining
T20 ISO tank container for Bromine
T50 ISO tank container for LPG / Ammonia Gas / Propane
SWAP Tank container for cargo above 28,000 Litres to 35,000 Litres 


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