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Screw Compressor Cooler Design

Views: 2023     Author: Keystone Vessel (Wuhan)      Publish Time: 2023-07-28      Origin: Keystone Vessel (Wuhan)

Screw Compressor Cooler DesignTank cooler (3)Tank cooler (2)Tank cooler (1)

Tank coolers (1)

Oil cooler
1.  Oil volume: 40-450 L/min, heat exchanging power: 24-300kw
2.  Maximum working temperature: 110 ℃, inlet oil temperature:80-95 ℃, oil temperature gap: bigger than 25 ℃
3.  Cooling water volume: 1.5-30 ton/hour, inlet water temperature: less than 32 ℃, inlet water pressure: 0.4 Mpa
4.  Temperature gap between outlet oil and inlet water less than 35 ℃
5.  Inlet and outlet oil pressure loss less than 0.08 Mpa
6.  Actual heat exchanging margin: 20%
Air cooler
1.  Inlet air volume: 6.1-70 m³/min, maximum air pressure: 0.6-2 Mpa, heat exchanging power: 6-75 kw
2.  Maximum working temperature: 110 ℃, inlet air temperature: 80-95 ℃, outlet air temperature: less than 40 ℃
3.  Cooling water volume: 1.5-30 ton/hour, inlet water temperature: less than 32 ℃ (cooling water goes into air cooler first before oil cooler)
4.  Inlet and outlet air pressure loss less than 0.02 Mpa
5.  Actual heat exchanging margin: 20% Tank coolers (5)

Materials cover carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, cupronickel, titanium, etc.

We are capable of producing vessels comply with standards of ASME, PED, CE, JIS, IBR, MOM, DOSH, GB, etc.


Product application: Oil and gas, Refinery, Chemical, Air Compressor, etc.

Material option: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Cooper, Alloy, Titanium, etc.

Main equipments: Roller, Welding Machine, Pressure testing facility, etc.

Project reference: Heat exchanger for Linda Gas, Pressure vessel for BASF, etc.

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