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Full Frame T11 UN Portable Tank L4BN 26KL Stainless Steel SPECIFICATION

Views: 2023     Author: Keystone Vessel (Wuhan)      Publish Time: 2023-07-14      Origin: Keystone Vessel (Wuhan)

Full Frame T11 UN Portable Tank L4BN 26KL Stainless Steel  SPECIFICATION 

Full Frame T11 UN Portable tanks (24)

1. Main parameters of General Parameters

1.1 Design Code Design Standards ASME VIII DIV. 1/EN 14025

1.2 Maximum Gross Mass 36000 kg

1.3 Nominal Capacity 26000 liters (0, -1.5%)

1.4 Vessel Design Temperature Tank body design temperature -40 ° C to+150 ° C

1.5 Maximum Product Loading Temperature (atm.) 150 ° C

1.6 Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 4.0 bar

Hydrostatic Test Pressure 6.0 bar

Maximum External Pressure 0.41 bar

1.7 Tare Mass Tank Box Self Weight 3560 kg (± 3%)

1.8 Frame (length/width/height) Dimensions (length/width/height) 6058/2438/2591mm

2. Tank Details parameters


: Full Frame T11 UN Portable tank
 : Aug. 25, 2021
  : TBC (120-off)
1.    General Parameters 主要参数

     1.1         Design Code 设计标准                                      ASME VIII DIV. 1 / EN 14025
     1.2         Maximum Gross Mass Max质量                            36000  kg
     1.3         Nominal Capacity 额定容积                                 26000  litre (0, - 1.5%)
     1.4        Vessel Design Temperature 罐体设计温度                    -40°C  to +150 °C
     1.5         Maximum Product Loading Temperature (atm .) max装卸温度 150    °C
     1.6         Maximum Allowable Working Pressure Max允许工作压力      4.0     bar
                                      Hydrostatic Test Pressure 水压试验压力          6.0     bar
                                  Maximum External Pressure max大真空压力         0.41    bar
     1.7        Tare Mass 罐箱自重                                         3560   kg (± 3%)
     1.8         Frame (length / width / height)  外形尺寸(长/宽/高)           6058 / 2438 / 2591mm

2.   Tank Details 罐体参数
2.1 Shell 筒体: Material 材料

Thickness 厚度

Finish 状态

Material 材料

Thickness 厚度

Finish 状态
SANS 50028-7 Type 1.4402/1.4404 (C≤0.03%)
 Equivalent to 316L      316L 材料
Minimum calculated thickness: 4.2mm
Corrosion allowance: 0.2mm
Manufacture Thickness: 4.4mm
min小计算厚度 4.2mm,腐蚀裕量 0.2mm,板材厚度 4.4mm
Cold Rolled 2B 冷轧,表面质量 2B

SANS 50028-7 Type 1.4402/1.4404 (C≤0.03%)
Equivalent to 316L      316L 材料
Minimum calculated thickness: 4.7mm
Corrosion allowance: 0.2mm
Manufacture Thickness: 4.9mm (after forming)
min小计算厚度 4.7mm,腐蚀裕量 0.2mm,板材厚度 4.9mm (成型后)
Hot or Cold Rolled and polished with 120 grit
热或冷轧,表面以 120 目的抛光片抛光
2.2 Ends 封头
2.3        Welds 焊接 Shell 筒体 Longitudinal: as welded.  纵焊缝: 焊接状态
Circular: As welded, Bottom 400mm flush and polished (120grit).
环焊缝: 焊接状态,底部 400 毫米长的焊缝打磨至母材平齐,并以 120 目
Ground flush and polished with 120 grit .
磨平并以 120 目的抛光片抛光。

 3-off stainless steel channel section.  3 道加强圈。
2.4         Stiffening Rings 加强圈
2.5         Radiography 无损检测

2.6         Steam Heating 蒸汽加热
As per code requirements 。按标准进行无损检测。

 8-off longitudinal runs steam heating system on barrel.
 The longitudinal steam runs manufactured from stainless steel.
The steam heating connectors will be 304 grade .
 The tank vacuum rings not used for steam heating.
 1” BSP inlet, 1” BSP outlet both with captive caps and cable.
  4 bar working pressure, 6 bar test with warning decals and
markings. A 3/8” condensate drain ball is fitted at the lowest
 position of the outlet.
8 道纵向加热管安装在筒体上,材质为不锈钢,汇流管材质为 304。
1〞BSP 进口和 1〞BSP 出口,两个接口都带有钢丝绳和盖。
工作压力 4 bar,试验压力 6 bar ,带有警示标记。
出气管m低处安装一个 3/8”疏水球阀。

Rockwool (50kg/m³) 50mm thick on aluminium foil.
名义厚度为 50mm 的岩棉(50 公斤/立方米)覆盖筒体,衬铝箔。
Glasswool (16kg/m³) thickness to suit on aluminium foil.
玻璃棉(16 公斤/立方米), 厚度合适,衬铝箔。

 1.8mm GRP prepainted White (RAL9010) with lapped joints.
 Seal provided by sealant.
  10mm drain hole per panel on bottom centreline.
1.8mm 厚的白色 GRP 包扎板(RAL9010),搭接包扎。 密封胶密
封。每块板的底部中心线位置钻一个直径 10 毫米的排水孔。
 2.0mm thick GRP one piece end (RAL 9010).
2 毫米厚的白色 GRP 模压封头 (RAL9010)

 2-off Stainless steel 304 2.0mm thick boxes fitted.
  Front spillbox contains manhole and safety relief.
  Rear spillbox contains air inlet and top discharge provision.
 Each box is equipped with 2-off DN25 surface mounted PVC
 drain tubes fitted to opposite end of box.
No lids fitted but provision for future fitting is provided.
2 个由 2.0mm 厚的 304 不锈钢板组成的溢流箱。 前溢流箱内有人孔/安全
阀;后溢流箱内有顶排放备用口/空气进口。排水管为 DN25 PVC 管。

One stainless steel 304 1.5mm thick bottom valve cabinet is
 fitted around the bottom discharge assembly.
No Lid and bottom plate to be fitted.
底排放口安装在底操作箱内。 不安装不锈钢底板和底操作箱盖子。
2.7         Insulation    Shell 筒身
                               Ends 封头

2.8         Cladding      Shell 筒身

                               Ends 封头

2.9         Spillbox 溢流箱
2.10      Bottom Valve cabinet
3.    Frame Details 框架参数

     3.1        Type 类型

Full frame beam design ISO 1496/3 (1CC) without saddles. Front
and rear frame with lowered horizontal bottom crossmembers.
 FF3A全框架无鞍座设计,按照 ISO 1496/3 (1CC)。前后端框配备降低的水

   SPA-H or equivalent. SPA-H 或等效材料。

   ISO 1161 8-off in total. 共 8 件, ISO 1161
3.2         Material 材料

3.3         Corner castings 角件
3.4        Top rails 顶部侧梁

3.5         Protection   Top
        保护     顶部

3.6         Ladder 爬梯
Integral in frame design. 配备

 4-off per tank, 1 per corner on top rail and header.
 每个罐 4 个,  顶部角件与顶侧梁交接处各有 1 个。
Raised bottom rail, lowered front and rear sill.

 300mm wide Stainless steel 304 ladder, fitted to the rear end
 right hand side. Ladder rungs to be antislip type. Fasteners to be
 stainless steel welded to prevent theft..
300 毫米宽材质不锈钢的爬梯,安装在后端的右侧。爬梯横档为防滑型。

 1-off full length longitudinal and 2-off transverse 475mm wide
 aluminium type(F-style). Walkway supported off spillboxes and
 end frames using stainless steel fastenings with nuts.
在纵向有 1 个全框架长度的步道,在横向有 2 块步道。步道为 475 毫米
宽的铝合金(F 型)。步道用不锈钢螺栓和不锈钢螺母与溢流箱、端框装
3.7        Walkway 步道
3.8         Earthing Protection             1-off stainless steel lug fitted to rear end bottom of frame.
       接地保护                后下端梁上配备一个不锈钢连接片。

3.9         Painting                                Carbon steel shotblasted to Sa 2½ profile
        油漆                   碳钢件表面打砂,粗糙度为 Sa 2½ 。
                               First layer       Epoxy zinc rich primer                             30 microns min DFT
                 底漆          富锌底漆                            膜厚 30 微米
                               Second layer  Epoxy primer                                           40 microns min DFT
                 中间漆        环氧底漆                            膜厚 40 微米
                               Final layer      Acrylic                                                      50 microns min DFT
                 面漆          丙烯酸油漆                          膜厚 50 微米
                               Total                                                                               120 microns min DFT
                 总厚度                                            膜厚 120 微米
                               Colour             Blue (RAL 5002)
                 颜色         蓝色 (RAL 5002)
                 GRP 板与框架之间的封胶为黑色 (RAL 9005)
4.   Tank Fittings 罐体配置

     4.1         Manhole 人孔

1-off 500mm low profile, 8 point fixing with brass handnuts and
    TIR-locking. Gasket: Composite seal with PTFE outer
    encapsulating EPDM inner.
 一个 500mm 低人孔颈圈, 人孔盖通过 8 个黄铜手螺母来紧固,带 TIR 关
 封。密封垫材质:内含 EPDM 的复合 PTFE 密封垫。

   DN80 flanged Supermaxi Highflow, without flameproof gauze.
   Pressure only model set at +4.4 bar (63.8psi).
   Provisional space for the future fitting of a bursting disc and
   pressure gauge.
   The assembly is situated off centre on a tangential tank pad.
    Tank pad to be single drilled: 4xM16 on 152.4 PCD .

4.2         Safety Relief Assembly
4.3        Air Inlet assembly
1 套 DN80 法兰式安全阀, 无防火网。
设定压力+4.4 bar(63.8psi)。预留安装爆破片和压力表的接口。
罐体法兰为单孔制: 4xM16 在 152.4PCD.

 1-off DN 40 ball valve terminating with 1½” BSP connection
 and cap. The assembly is situated off centre on a tangential
  tank pad.  Tank pad to be single drilled: 4xM10 on 103.4PCD.
 DN40 球阀,  带有 1½”BSP 螺纹接口和带定位链的盖。 组件安装在后溢流
 箱罐体切线方向的凸缘上。 罐体法兰为单孔制: 4xM10 在 103.4PCD.

 1-off  DN80 stainless steel tank pad fitted with a blind flange .
Siphon tube support bracket to be fitted on tank bottom .
 The assembly is fitted off centre on a recessed horizontal tank pad.
 Tank pad to be dual drilled: 6xM12 on 168PCD and 4xM16 on
DN80 的 316 不锈钢法兰,带盲盖。 顶排放支撑板安装在罐体底部。 组件安装
在后溢流箱偏离罐体中心线的水平内凹法兰上。 罐体法兰为双孔制: 6xM12 在
168PCD 以及 4xM16 在 160PCD.

 1-off  DN80 45° hi-lift Footvalve and 3” clamped butterfly vale
 terminating with a 3” BSP spigot with cap and chain.
  Tank pad to be single drilled: 8xM12 on 177.8PCD.
一个 DN80 的 45°提升式底阀,配有 DN80 夹持式的蝶阀,并配有 3”BSP
螺纹接口、盖子和链条。 罐体法兰为单孔制: 8xM12 在 177.8PCD.

A plastic coated stainless steel cable is fitted to the entire length of
 the right hand side of the tank . 1-off emergency decals are fitted
 above the cable .
1 根外包塑料套的φ5mm 钢丝绳安装在罐箱的右侧。并有 1 个警示标签贴在

Not fitted. Provision for a fusible link is fitted to the remote control

A surface mounted analogue type is fitted on rear GRP end left
 hand side of the tank . Dual scale -40°C to + 160°C / -40°F to 320°F.
 The thermometer is fitted with a protection bar.
温度计为双刻度(-40℃~ 160℃/-40℉~ 320℉)安装在后端碟形封头上,

A clear plastic document holder ø 110mm is fitted to the rear right
 hand side beam . A drain hole is provided at the lowest point.
配置一个直径 110mm 的塑料文件筒,安装在右下侧梁后端。在文件筒的低点要有一个排水孔。

One set of mandatory decals is fitted . Customer logo supplied  and
  fitted by manufacturer.
提供一套强制性标签。用户 LOGO 由制造商负责提供并粘贴。

One set of stainless steel single language data plate is provided
 stating the requirements as per the code.
4.4        Top Discharge Prov.
4.5         Bottom Discharge
4.6         Remote Control
4.7         Fusible Link
4.8        Thermometer
4.9         Document holder
4.10      Decals

4.11      Data Plates
4.12 Calibration

A calibration plate marked in cm/litres is fitted on the front spillbox
 side wall adjacent to the manhole. No calibrated stainless steel
  grade dipstick and bracket fitted
带(厘米/升)单位刻度的液位对照表安装在人孔颈圈附近。 不安装液位标
5.    General 总结

     5.1        The tank is degreased, pickled, passivated and neutralised. A cleaning certificate will be
                  provided in the document holder. 罐体需除油、酸洗钝化并中和清洗。提供清洁证书。

     5.2         Each container will be inspected and certified by the independent Inspection Authority in
                  accordance with the code requirements. (Lloyd’s Register)
         罐箱检查发证由独立检查机构按照规范要求执行。  (劳氏船级社)

     5.3         Each container is approved for 9 high stacking . 罐箱依照 ISO 1496-3 应被认可 9 层堆码。

     5.4        All stainless steel top fittings name plates to be fitted to inside of spillbox side and engraved
                  with Arial lettering type .
         所有阀口的指示小铭牌点焊固定在溢流箱内侧,小铭牌上内容腐蚀成 Arial 字体形式。

     5.4         Each container will be supplied with following approvals:  罐箱应提供以下认可
                  UN Portable Tank – T11
                  IMDG – T11
                  US DOT CFR 49
                  RID/ADR-L4BN (Section 6.8)
                  TIR / Customs
                  ISO-standards (where applicable)

     5.5         Documentation: 完工文件

                  On completion of the tank: 罐箱完工时

         1.  Initial Inspection Certificate.原始检查文件
                  2.    Calibration Chart.   液位对照表
                  3.    Cleanliness Certificate. 清洁证书
                  4.   As built drawings. 竣工图
COMPILED BY                              :                                                                      

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