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Full Frame T11 UN Portable Tank L4BN 25KL Stainless Steel SPECIFICATION

Views: 2023     Author: Keystone Vessel (Wuhan)      Publish Time: 2023-07-14      Origin: Keystone Vessel (Wuhan)

 Full Frame T11 UN Portable Tank L4BN 25KL Stainless Steel SPECIFICATION

General Parameters

1.1        Design Code                                                                         ASME VIII DIV. 1 / EN14025

1.2        Maximum Gross Mass                                                         36000 kg

1.3        Nominal Capacity                                                                 25000 litre (± 1.0%)

1.4        Vessel Design Temperature                                                -40 to +130 °C

1.5        Maximum Product Loading Temperature (atm.)                    130   °C

1.6        Maximum Allowable Working Pressure                                4.0     bar Hydrostatic Test Pressure                                 6.0     bar

Maximum External Pressure                                 0.41   bar

1.7        Tare Mass                                                                              3480   kg (±3%)

1.8        Frame (length / width / height)                                               6058 / 2438 / 2591mm

_Full Frame T11 UN Portable tanks (21)

TANK TYPE : Full Frame T11 UN Portable tank
DATE :  April. 17, 2023
MANUFACTURER’S No. :  SC 035942 - 035961 (20-off)
1.    General Parameters

         1.1         Design Code                                                                             ASME VIII DIV. 1 / EN14025
         1.2         Maximum Gross Mass                                                             36000 kg
         1.3         Nominal Capacity                                                                     25000 litre (± 1.0%)
         1.4        Vessel Design Temperature                                                   -40 to +130 °C
         1.5         Maximum Product Loading Temperature (atm.)                     130   °C
         1.6         Maximum Allowable Working Pressure                                  4.0     bar
                                         Hydrostatic Test Pressure                                  6.0     bar
                                     Maximum External Pressure                                   0.41   bar
         1.7        Tare Mass                                                                                   3480   kg (±3%)
         1.8         Frame (length / width / height)                                                 6058 / 2438 / 2591mm

  2.   Tank Details
   Shell: Material






SANS 50028-7 Type 1.4402/1.4404 (C≤0.03%)
Equivalent to 316L
Minimum calculated thickness: 4.2mm
Corrosion allowance: 0.2mm
Manufacture Thickness: 4.4mm
Cold Rolled 2B

SANS 50028-7 Type 1.4402/1.4404 (C≤0.03%)
Equivalent to 316L
Minimum calculated thickness: 4.5mm
Corrosion allowance: 0.2mm
Manufacture Thickness: 4.7mm (after forming)
Hot Rolled and polished

Longitudinal: as welded.
Circular: As welded, Bottom 400mm flush and polished(120grit).
Ground flush and polished with 120 grit .

2-off stainless steel channel section .

As per code requirements

8 longitudinal runs steam heating system on barrel.
The longitudinal steam runs manufactured from Duplex steel.
The steam heating connectors will be 304 grade.

2.4         Stiffening Rings

2.5         Radiography

2.6         Steam Heating
2.7         Insulation    Shell

2.8         Cladding      Shell


2.9         Spillbox

The tank vacuum rings not used for steam heating.
   1” BSP inlet, 1” BSP outlet both with captive caps and cables.
   4 bar working pressure, 6 bar test with warning decals and markings.
   A 3/8” condensate drain ball valve is fitted at the lowest position of the

   Rockwool (50kg/m3) 50mm thick on aluminium foil.
   Glasswool (16kg/m3) thickness to suit on aluminium foil.

   1.8mm GRP prepainted White (RAL9010) with lapped joints.
   Seal provided by sealant.
   10mm drain hole per panel on bottom centreline.
   2.0mm thick GRP one piece end (RAL9010).

   2-off 2.0mm Stainless steel 304 boxes fitted.
   Front spillbox contains manhole and safety relief.
   Rear spillbox contains air inlet and top discharge provision .
   Each box is equipped with 2-off DN25 surface mounted PVC
   drain tubes fitted to opposite end of box.
   No lids fitted but provision for future fitting is provided.

   One stainless steel 304 1.5mm thick bottom valve cabinet is
  fitted around the bottom discharge assembly.
   No lid and bottom plate to be fitted.
2.10      Bottom Valve cabinet
3.    Frame Details

     3.1        Type

     3.2         Material

     3.3         Corner castings

     3.4        Top rails

     3.5         Protection   Top

     3.6         Ladder

     3.7        Walkway

     3.8         Earthing Protection

     3.9         Painting
                                      First layer
                                     Second layer
                                      Final layer
Full frame collor design ISO 1496/3 (1CC) without saddles. Front
and rear frame with lowered horizontal bottom crossmembers.

SPA-H/Q345D or equivalent.

ISO 1161 8-off in total.

Integral in frame design.

4-off per tank, 1 per corner on top rail and header .
Raised bottom rail, lowered front and rear sill.

300mm wide Stainless steel 304 ladder, fitted to the rear end
right hand side. Ladder rungs to be antislip type. Fastenings to
be stainless steel welded to prevent theft .

1-off full length longitudinal and 2-off transverse 475mm wide
aluminium type (F-style). Walkway supported off spillboxes and
end frames using stainless steel fastenings with nuts.

1-off stainless steel lug fitted to rear end bottom of frame.

Carbon steel shotblasted to Sa 2½ profile
Epoxy zinc rich primer                         30 microns min DFT
Epoxy primer                                         40 microns min DFT
Acrylic                                                     50 microns min DFT
                                                        120 microns min DFT

4.   Tank Fittings

     4.1         Manhole

Blue (RAL 5002)
1-off  500mm low profile, 8 point fixing with brass handnuts and
     TIR-locking. Gasket: Composite seal with PTFE outer
     encapsulating EPDM inner.

    1-off 2½” BSP pressure relief valve without flameproof gauze.
     Pressure only set at +4.4 bar (63.8psi).
     Provisional space for the future fitting of a bursting disc and
     pressure gauge.  The assembly is situated off centre on a
     tangential tank pad in the front spillbox.
     Tank pad to be single drilled: 6xM10 on 105 PCD, with 2.5" BSP

    1-off DN40 ball valve terminating with 1½” BSP connection
     and cap. The assembly is situated off centre on a tangential tank
     pad.  Tank pad to be single drilled: 4xM10 on 103.4PCD.

     1-off  3”/DN80 stainless steel tank pad(102 NB flange, Dual drilled
     6xM12 on 168PCD and 4xM16 on 160PCD) with blind flange.
     Weld in flange to have recess to accommodate siphon tube flange.
      Siphon tube support bracket to be fitted on tank bottom.
      The assembly is fitted on centre on a horizontal tank pad.

    1-off  DN80 45°hi-lift Footvalve and 3” clamped butterfly valve
     terminating with a 3” BSP spigot with cap and chain.

    A plastic coated stainless steel cable is fitted to the entire length
     of the right hand side of the tank. 1-off emergency decal is fitted
     above the cable.

     Not fitted. Provision for a fusible link is fitted to the remote
     control cable.

     A surface mounted analogue type is fitted on rear GRP end left
     hand side of the tank. Dual scale -40°C to +160°C / -40°F to
     320°F. The thermometer is fitted with a protection bar.

     A clear plastic document holder ø 110mm is fitted to the rear
     right hand side beam. A drain hole is provided at the lowest

    One set of mandatory decals is fitted. Customer logo supplied
     and fitted by manufacturer.

    One set of stainless steel single language data plate is provided
     stating the requirements as per the code.

   A calibration plate marked in cm/litres is fitted on the front spillbox
   side wall adjacent to the manhole. No calibrated stainless steel
   grade dipstick and bracket fitted.

4.2         Safety Relief Assembly
4.3        Air Inlet assembly
4.4        Top Discharge Prov.
4.5         Bottom Discharge

4.6         Remote Control

4.7         Fusible Link

4.8        Thermometer

4.9         Document holder

4.10      Decals

4.11      Data Plates

4.12      Calibration

5.    General

     5.1        The tank is degreased, pickled, passivated and neutralised.
                   A cleaning certificate will be provided in the document holder.

     5.2         Each container will be inspected and certified by the independent Inspection Authority in
                  accordance with the code requirements. (Lloyd’s Register)

     5.3         Each container is approved for 9 high stacking.

     5.4        All stainless steel top fittings name plates to be fitted to inside of spillbox side and engraved
                 with Arial lettering type.

     5.5         Each container will be supplied with following approvals:
                  UN Portable Tank – T1 1
                  IMDG – T1 1
                  US DOT CFR 49
                  RID/ADR-L4BN (Section 6.8)
                  TIR / Customs
                  ISO-standards where applicable

     5.6         Documentation:

                  On completion of the tank:

                  1.    Initial Inspection Certificate .
                  2.    Calibration Chart.
                  3.    Cleanliness Certificate.
                  4.   As built drawings .
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