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Customize Keystone Air Tank Customize Keystone Air Tank
Customize Keystone Air Tank Customize Keystone Air Tank
Customize Keystone Air Tank Customize Keystone Air Tank


Customize Keystone Air Tank

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Customize Keystone Air Tank

Customize Keystone Air TankKeystone Surge Vessel (4)Keystone Surge Vessel (13)


Specifications of Air Tank






1m³ ~ 300m³


Working Pressure

0.2 MPa ~ 100 MPa



Vertical or Horizonal



Compressed Air, CO2, N2, H2, Etc.



carbon steel、Stainless Steel


Design Temperature

Normal or Customized


Surface Treatment

Painting or Sand Blast

Other customization is acceptable

Manufacturing Standard:

Chinese standard GB150-2011

American standard ASME

European standardPED(CE)

Other countries Malaysia DOSH, Singapore MOM, etc.

Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel

Color: Customized

Size: Customized

Package: Wooden box,Iron packing。

Working pressure:  0.1MPa~ 19MPa.

Delivery: 30 ~90days

The air tank is a pressure vessel specially used to store compressed air. It is mainly used for air buffering, and at the same time, it plays a role in stabilizing the system pressure, avoiding frequent loading and unloading of the air compressor and removing most of the liquid water. The gas storage tank is generally composed of parts and components such as the cylinder, the head, the flange, the connecting pipe, the sealing element and the support. In addition, it is also equipped with accessories such as safety valves, pressure gauges, and drain valves to complete the functions of different production processes.


According to the pressure: high pressure gas storage tank, low pressure gas storage tank, atmospheric pressure gas storage tank

According to different materials: carbon steel gas tank, low alloy steel gas tank, stainless steel gas tank

Air tank function:

1. Constant air pressure. When the air compressor is working, the air pressure is very unbalanced and has great fluctuation. Using an air tank can control the air pressure within a suitable range and eliminate the pulsation of air flow in the pipeline. With the air tank, the compressed air output from the air compressor has a buffer place, so that the air source can be better maintained at a set value, and the air system can obtain a constant pressure.

2. Store air. There is no place to store compressed air inside the air compressor. Once the compressed air is generated, it must be used up. This way of working is not ideal. With a gas storage tank, you can first pump the compressed air to the gas storage tank to a certain pressure, and then use the pressure to drop to a certain level, and then start the compressor again, which can meet the sudden increase in the gas consumption of the gas-using equipment, and ensure better performance. Standardized gas usage.

3. Energy saving effect. The frequent start and stop of the air compressor will make the current consumption of the motor very large. With the air tank, the automatic shutdown of the air compressor can be guaranteed. When the air tank is full of air under the set pressure, the air compressor will automatically stop, so as not to let the air compressor keep running and waste electricity.

4. Cooling and filtering. The temperature of the compressed air entering the air tank is lowered to achieve the effect of preliminarily cooling the compressed air. At the same time, it can precipitate the water and oil in the compressed air, so that the quality of the compressed air is higher.


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Packaging & Shipping

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1.Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are Group Corporation manufacturer ,have Group Factories Contractor.  

2 .Can I have samples of this type of product to test the quality?  
Yes, you can buy any sample to test the quality,our MOQ is 1 unit.  

3. What's the delivery time and can you lower the price?  
It depends on your order.The delivery time is within 30~120 workdays after we received your prepayment. If you have placed an order of large quantities, then,of course, the price can be lowered.  
4.Can you supply some quick-wear parts?
Yes, we can supply the parts as your request,such as Manhole cover,discharge tube, hose pipe, Valves,gaskets,Botls and nuts etc.  
6.Do you have any used products for sale?
We have products in stock for choices,the prices are favorable,we'll show you our stock products if you need.

7.What's the payment terms?
TT 30% as deposit, balance before shipment by TT or at sight.  

8. How to guarantee customers get the goods smoothly after they payment?  
Don't worry,dear.We have joined the trade assurance,you can place the order by trade assurance,if we don't delivery products, the deposit will be returned to you.

9.How can you ensure the quality of the products?

Don't worry,dear.We have joined the trade assurance,if the products have quality problems when you received them,the payments can be refund to you.


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