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T20 Titanium Tetrachloride Cl4ti Tank 1200L Stainless Steel UN Portable Tank

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T20 Titanium Tetrachloride Cl4ti Tank 1200L Stainless Steel UN Portable Tank
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UN T20 Titanium Tetrachloride Tank ( UN1838 Stainless Steel Portable Tank Cl4Ti) Cylinder, UN1193 Portable Tank,
T20 UN 1193 - Ethyl methyl ketone or Methyl ethyl ketone  Portable Tank
Organometallic substance, liquid, water-reactive, flammable

Name: TITANIUM(IV) CHLORIDE Portable tank  Teal Cylinder

T20 titanium tetrachloride movable tank
UN T 20 horizontal tank of titanium tetrachloride tank
UN T 20 titanium tetrachloride tank (portable tank)
Portable tank
Model: T20
Material: 316L
Applicable medium: titanium tetrachloride UN1838  
Dangerous goods No.: 81051
Pressure: 6.67bar
Volume: 1200L
Net weight: 750kg
Design standard: TSG R0005-2011 IMDG, DOT, ASME, BV

Attached:  "safety valve *1 DN80,

Gas phase valve : DN25 *1  PN40

Liquid valve :  DN32*1 PN40"

Design/manufacturing standards : IMDG CODE 2016,ADR/RID,49CFR,TIR,

USDOT, T21 UN Portable Tank, ASME BPVC Sec. Div. 1-2017"

Third party inspection : BV ASME TS

The pictures are for your reference only.  

China T20 Cl4ti Portable Tank Container

Un1838 storage and transportation tank
Un1838 storage and transportation tank 1.2t ASME marine un1838 storage and transportation tank factory customized basic parameters:
Overall dimension: 2005 x 950 x 1152 mm
Material: sa-240m 316L
Capacity: 1200 litre ± 2%
Allowable Gross weight: 3000 kg
Net weight of tank: 800 kg
Working pressure: 6.5 bar
Test pressure: 10 bar
Design temperature: - 40 ºC to + 65 ºC
Tank material: sa-240m 316L
Design Code: IMDG go-2016, ADR / rid, us-dot, T20 UN Porrable tank, ASME
Other configurations:
Safety valve: one DN80 flange safety valve with bursting disc
Gas phase valve: one DN25 flange gas phase ball valve
Liquid phase valve: one DN32 flange liquid phase ball valve
Applicable medium: suitable for titanium tetrachloride un1838, etc

portable tank was suitale for Organometallic Substance, Liquid, Pyrophoric,
Water-Reactive, Ethylaluminum Sesquichloride, Diethylaluminum Chloride,

Triethyl aluminum only UN3394  

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