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Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks

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  • Metal Tank

Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks

(Steel Lined LDPE 16mm-22mm Hydrochloric Acid ,Sulphuric Acid ,Hydrofluoric Acid)

Acid Storage Tank for Oil Fied Chemical Contain 75CBM Horizontal

Detail Picture Aniline (C6H7N) Tank

Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Images of Aniline Tank
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Images of Aniline Storage Tank
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks
Customizing Stainless Steel 75cbm Chemcial Aniline Storage Tanks

Images of Dimethyl Sulfate Tank

water tank stainless steel tank /water pump/ High pressure squirt gun
steel option Q235/Q345/ 16 manganese steel/SS201/SS304 /SS316 alummin alloy tanker
acids tanker steel lined plastic for water/alcohol/ethanol acid, alkaline and salt HCL, NaOH ,NaCIO Sodium Hypochlorite NaCIO /hydrofluoric acid HF/CAUSTIC SODA alummin nitric acid
oil/petrol,Fuel diesel/LPG/LNG steel tank with oil pump/ gun fuel truck nozzle
asphalt/bitumen/crude oil tanker/ AN ammonium methana Alcohol burner/steam heating and insulation system ,pump option

Solution for customers storage /transporting bleach, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, oilfield chemicals, corrosive wastes and other hazardous cargoes.
Basic Chemicals Tanks for reactor/ storage or transport
Caustic Soda (NaOH) Tanks
Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) Tanks
Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Tanks
Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4) Tanks
Liquid Ammonia (NH3) Tanks
Javel (NaOCl) Sodium hypochlorite Tanks Ect.

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Vertical type PE Plastic tank
Capaicty Shell length Total length Diameter Weight Shell thickness EXW Price
1m3 750 mm 930 mm 1300 mm 95(KG) 15 mm $1355~$2060
2m3 1800 mm 1980 mm 1300 mm 150(KG) 15 mm $1565~$2260
5m3 1100 mm 1400 mm 2400 mm 260(KG) 15 mm $1880~$2560
10m3 2200 mm 2500 mm 2400 mm 500(KG) 20 mm $2508~$3560
15m3 3300 mm 3600 mm 2400 mm 680(KG) 20 mm $3850~$5560
20m3 4400 mm 4700 mm 2400 mm 850(KG) 22 mm $5480~$7180
30m3 4400 mm 5040 mm 3000 mm 1350(KG) 25 mm $6490~$8190
40m3 4900 mm 5500 mm 3450 mm 2000(KG) 32 mm $6860~$8560
50m3 6000 mm 6600 mm 3450 mm 2300(KG) 32 mm $11520~$13920

5 cbm/m3
Q235A 5mm+ PE (Plastic )16mm CNY36000
10 m3 Q235A 5mm+PE16mm CNY46000
20 m3 Q235A 5mm+PE16mm CNY66000
30 Q235A 6mm+PE16mm CNY86000
40 Q235A 6mm+PE16mm CNY106000
50 Q235A 6mm+PE16mm CNY116000
60 Q235A 6mm+PE16mm CNY126000
70 Q235A 6mm+PE16mm CNY136000
80 Q235A 8mm+PE16mm CNY146000
90 Q235A 8mm+PE16mm CNY156000
100 Q235A 8mm+PE16mm CNY166000
110 Q235A 8mm+PE16mm CNY176000
120 Q235A 8mm+PE16mm CNY184000
130 Q235A 8mm+PE16mm CNY192000
135 Q235A 8mm+PE16mm CNY202000

manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Acid Storage Tank in China. Storage Tanks are widely used for storing chemicals and acids and can be availed in various models such as horizontal and vertical. These tanks are equipped with best quality stainless steel material and mild steel, extensively used in various industries - such as pharmaceutical, sugar, food and dairy. This storage tank is widely in demand and accepted by our clients.

Being a quality centric organization, our product line includes Plastic Storage Tank, Chemical Storage Tank, Horizontal Storage tank, Bottom Conical Storage Tank and many more. The manufactured range of Acid Storage Tanks is available to the clients in different sizes using high quality design and welding standards. Storage tanks are mostly appropriate for over ground and underground installations and can be used to store acids in safe and secure way.

we cater to the bulk requirements of the clients and strive to offer the best quality products manufactured in compliance with international standards. We have been able to mark our strong foothold as one the leading Manufacturer of Acid Storage Tanks from China

Rotationally Molded LLDPE TANK
chemical resistance of LLDPE not subjected to mechanical stresses when exposed to the action of various fluids.
S = Satisfactory L = Limited NS = Not satisfactory
Chemical Concentration 20°C 60°C
Acetaldehyde 100% L NS
Acetanilide S S
Acetic acid 10% S S
Acetic acid 60% S L
Acetic acid, glacial Greater than 96% L NS
Acetic anhydride 100% L NS
Acetone 100% L NS
Acrylnitrile S S
Acetylsilicacid S S
Adipic acid Sat. sol S S
After shave NS NS
Aliphatic hydocarbons L NS
Allyl acetate S L
Allyl alcohol 100% L NS
Allyl alcohol 96% S S
Allyl chloride L NS
Aluminium chloride Sat. sol S S
Aluminium fluoride Sat. sol S S
Aluminium hydroxide Sat. sol S S
Aluminium nitrate Sat. sol S S
Aluminium oxychloride Sat. sol S S
AI/potassium sulphate Sat. sol S S
Aluminium sulphate Sat. sol S S
Alums Sol S S
Aminobenzoic acid S S
Ammonia, dry gas 100% S S
Ammonia, liquid 100% L L
Ammonia, aqueous Dil. Sol S S
Ammonium acetate S S
Ammonium carbonate Sat. sol S S
Ammonium chloride Sat. sol S S
Ammonium fluoride Sol S S
Ammonium hexafluorosilicate Sat. sol S S
Ammonium hydrogen carbonate Sat. sol S S
Ammonium hydroxide 10% S S
Ammonium hydroxide 30% S S
Ammonium metaphosphate Sat. sol S S
Ammonium nitrate Sat. sol S S
Ammonium oxalate Sat. sol S S
Ammonium phosphate Sat. sol S S
Ammonium persulphate Sat. sol S S
Ammonium sulphate Sat. sol S S
Ammonium sulphide Sol S S
Ammonium thiocyanate Sat. sol S S
Amyl acetate 100% NS NS
Amyl alcohol 100% L L
Amyl chloride 100% NS NS
Amyl phthalate L L
Aniline 100% NS NS
Anilinchlorohydrate L
Antimony (III)chloride 90% S S
Antimony (III)chloride Sat. sol S S
Antimony trichloride Sol S S
Apple juice Sol S L
Aqua regia HCI/HNO3=3/1 NS NS
Aromatic hydrocarbons NS NS
Arcenic acid Sat. sol S S
Asorbic acid 10% S S
Barium bromide Sat. sol S S
Barium carbonate Sat. sol S S
Barium chloride Sat. sol S S
Barium hydroxide Sat. sol S S
Barium sulphate Sat. sol S S
Barium sulphide Sat. sol S S
Beer S S
Benzaldehyde 100% L NS
Benzene 100% NS NS
Benzoic acid Sat. sol S S
Benzoylchloride S L
Benzyl alcohol S L
Benzylsulphonic acid 10% S S
Bismuth carbonate Sat. sol S S
Bitumen S L
Bleach lye 10% S S
Borax Sat. sol S S
Boric acid Sat. sol S S
Boron trifluoride L NS
Brake fluid L NS
Brine S S
Bromine, dry gas 100% NS NS
Bromine, liquid 100% NS NS
Bromoform 100% NS NS
Butandiol 10% S S
Butandiol 60% S S
Butandiol 100% S S
Butane, gas 100% S S
Butanol 100% S L
Butter S S
Butyl acetate 100% S L
Butyl alcohol 100% S S
Butyl chloride 100% S
Butylene glycol 10% S S
Butylene glycol 60% S S
Butylene glycol 100% S S
Butyraldehyde S L
Butyric acid 100% L L
Calcium arsenate S S
Calcium benzoate S S
Calcium bisulphide S S
Calcium bromate 10% S S
Calcium bromide Sat. sol S S
Calsium carbonate Sat. sol S S
Calsium chlorate Sat. sol S S
Calsium chloride Sat. sol S S
Calsium chromate 40% S S
Calsium cyanide S S
Calsium hydrosulphide Sol S S
Calsium hydroxide Sat. sol S S
Calsium hypochlorite Sol S S
Calsium nitrate Sat. sol S S
Calcium oxide Sat. sol S S
Calsium perchlorate 1% S S
Calsium permanganate 20% S S
Calsium persulphate Sol S S
Calcium sulphate Sat. sol S S
Calsium sulphide Dil. Sol L L
Camphor oil NS NS
Carbon dioxide, wet S S
Carbon disulphide 100% NS NS
Carbon monoxide 100% S S
Carbon tetrachloride 100% NS NS
Carbonic acid S S
Castor oil Sol S S
Chlorine, water 2% Sat.sol L L
Chlorine, aqueous Sat.sol NS NS
Chlorine, dry gas 100% NS NS
Chloroacetic acid Sol S S
Chlorobenzene 100% NS NS
Chloroethanol 100% S S
Chloroform 100% NS NS
Chloromethane, gas 100% L
Chlorosulphonic acid 100% NS NS
Chloropropene NS
Chrome alum Sol S S
Chromic acid Sat.sol S S
Chromic acid 20% S L
Chromic acid 50% S L
Chromium VI oxide Sat.sol S S
Cider S S
Citric acid Sat.sol S S
Citric acid 10% S S
Citric acid 25% S S
Coconut oil alcoholic S S
Coffee S S
Copper (II) Chloride Sat.sol S S
Copper cyanide Sat.sol S S
Copper (II) fluoride Sat.sol S S
Copper (II) fluoride 2% S S
Copper (II) nitrate Sat.sol S S
Copper (II) sulphate Sat.sol S S
Corn oil S S
Cottonseed oil S S
Cresylic acid Sat.sol L
Crotonaldehyde Sat.sol L
Cyclanone S S
Cyclohexane NS NS
Cyclohexanol Sat.sol L NS
Cyclohexanol 100% S S
Cyclohexanone 100% NS NS
Decahydronaphthalene 100% L NS
Decane NS NS
Desalin 100% S L
Detergents, synthetic .... S S
Developers (photographic) Work.conc S S
Dextrin Sol S S
Dextose Sol S S
Diacetone alcohol L L
Diazo salts S S
Dibutyl amine NS NS
Dibuthyl ether NS NS
Dibutylphthalate L L
Dichlorobenzene NS NS
Dichloroethylene NS NS
Dichloropropylene NS NS
Diesel oil S NS
Diethyl ether 100% NS NS
Diethyl ketone L NS
Diethylene glycol S S
Diglycolic acid S S
Disobutylketone 100% S L
Dimethyl amine 100% NS NS
Dimethyl formamid S L
Dioctyl phthalate 100% L NS
Dioxan 100% S S
Dipentene NS NS
Disodium phosphate S S
Drano, plumbing cleaner S S
Emulsions, photographic S S
Ethandiol 100% S S
Ethanol 40% S L
Ethanol 96% L L
Ethyl acetate 100% L NS
Ethyl acrylate 100% NS NS
Ethyl alcohol 35% S S
Ethyl alcohol 100% S S
Ethyl benzene NS NS
Ethyl chloride 100% NS NS
Ethylene chloride 100% NS NS
Ethylene diamine 100% S L
Ethyl ether NS NS
Ethylene glycol 100% S S
Ethyl mercaptan NS NS
Ferric chloride Sat.sol S S
Ferric nitrate Sat.sol S S
Ferric sulphate Sat.sol S S
Ferrous chloride Sat.sol S S
Fish solubles Sol S S
Fluoboric acid S S
Fluorine gas 100% L NS
Fluorine gas dry 100% NS NS
Fluorine gas, wet 100% NS NS
Fluorosilic acid Conc S L
Fluorisilic acid 40% S S
Formaldehyde 40% S S
Formic acid 40% S S
Formic acid 98 to 100% S S
Fructose Sat.sol S S
Fruit pulps Sol S S
Furfural 100% NS NS
Furfuryl alcohol 100% L NS
Gallic acid Sat.sol S S
Gasoline, petrol L NS
Gelatine S S
Glucose Sat.sol S S
Glycerine 100% S S
Glycerol 100% S S
Glycolic acid 30% S L
Glycolic acid Sol S S
n-Heptane 100% NS NS
Hexachlorobenzene S S
Hexachlorophene NS NS
Hexamethylenetriamine 40% S
Hexane S L
Hexanol, tetriary S S
Hydrobromic acid 50% S S
Hydrobromic acid Up to 100% S S
Hydrobromic acid Up to 36% S S
Hydrobromic acid Conc S S
Hydrochlorous acid Conc S S
Hydrocyanic acid 10% S S
Hydrocyanic acid Sat.sol S S
Hydrofluoric acid 40% S S
Hydrofluoric acid 60% S L
Hydrogen 100% S S
Hydrogen chloride Dry gas S S
Hydrogen peroxide 30% S L
Hydrogen peroxide 90% S NS
Hydrogen sulphide gas 100% S S
Hydroquinone Sat.sol S S
Hydroxylamine up to 12% S S
Inks S S
Lodine (in potassium sol) L NS
Lodine (in alcohol) NS NS
Iron (II) chloride Sat.sol S S
Iron (II) sulphate Sat.sol S S
Iron (III) Chloride Sat.sol S S
Iron (III) nitrate Sol S S
Iron (III)sulphate Sat.sol S S
Iso octane 100% S NS
Iso pentane NS NS
Isopropanol S S
Isopropyl amine NS NS
Isopropyl ether 100% L NS
Kerosene NS NS
Lactic acid 10% S S
Lactic acid 28% S S
Lactic acid up to 100% S S
Latex S S
Lead acetate Dil.sol S S
Lead acetate Sat.sol S S
Lead arsenate S S
Lubricating oil S S
Lysol NS NS
Magnesium carbonate Sat.sol S S
Magnesium chlride Sat.sol S S
Magnesium hydrixide Sat.sol S S
Magnesium nitrate Sat.sol S S
Magnesium sulphate Sat.sol S S
Maleic acid Sat.sol S S
Mercury S S
Mercury (I) nitrate Sol S S
Mercury (II) chloride Sat.sol S S
Mecury (II) cyanide Sat.sol S S
Mercury 100% S S
Methanol 100% S L
Methyl alcohol 100% S L
Methyl benzoic acid Sat.sol NS NS
Methyl bromide 100% NS NS
Methyl chloride 100% NS NS
Methylcyclohexane L NS
Methyl ethyl ketone 100% S L
Methylene chloride NS NS
Methoxybutanol 100% S L
Milk S S
Milk of Magnesia S L
Mineral oils L NS
Molasses Work.conc S S
Motor oil S L
Naphtha L NS
Naphtahalene NS NS
Nickel chloride Sat.sol S S
Nickel nitrate Sat.sol S S
Nickel sulphate Sat.sol S S
Nicotine Dil.sol S S
Nicotinic acid Dil.sol L L
Nitric acid 25% S S
Nitric acid 50% S L
Nitric acid 70% S L
Nitric acid 95% NS NS
Nitric acid 100% NS NS
Nitrobenzene 100% NS NS
Nitroethane 100% S NS
Nitromethane 100% S
Nitrotoluene NS NS
n-Octane S S
Octyl alcohol S NS
Oil and fats L NS
Oleic acid 100% L NS
Oleum (H2SO4+10%SO3) NS NS
Oleum (H2SO4+50%SO3) NS NS
Olive oil S NS
Orthphosphoric acid 50% S S
Orthphosphoric acid 95% S L
Oxalic acid Sat.sol S S
Oxygen 100% S
Ozone 100% NS NS
Paraffin oil S L
n-Pentane NS NS
Pentane-2 NS NS
Perchloric acid 20% S S
Perchloric acid 50% S L
Perchloric acid 70% S NS
Perchloroethylene ..... NS NS
Phenol Sol L NS
Phosphine 100% S S
Phosphoric acid up to 25% S S
Phosphoric acid 25 to 50% S S
Phosphoric (III) chloride 100% S L
Phosphorous (II) chloride 100% S L
Phosphorous pentoxide 100% S S
Phosphorous trichloride 100% S L
Photographic solutions S S
Phtalic acid 50% S S
Picric scid Sat.sol S L
Plating solutions S S
Potassium acetate S S
Potassium aluminium sulphate Sat.sol S S
Potassium benzoate S S
Potassium bicarbonate Sat.sol S S
Potassium borate Sat.sol S S
Potassium bromate Sat.sol S S
Potassium bromide Sat.sol S S
Potassium carbonate Sat.sol S S
Potassium chlorate Sat.sol S S
Potassium chloride Sat.sol S S
Potassium chromate Sat.sol S S
Potassium cyanide Sol S S
Potassium dishromate Sat.sol S S
Potassium fluoride Sat.sol S S
Potassium hexacyanoferrate(III) Sat.sol S S
Potassium hexacyanoferrate(II) Sat.sol S S
Potassium hexafluorosilicate Sat.sol S S
Potassium hydrogen carbonate Sat.sol S S
Potassium hydrogen sulphate Sat.sol S S
Potassium hydrogen sulphide Sol S S
Potassium hydroxide 10% S S
Potassium hydroxide Sol S S
Potassium hypochlorite Sol S L
Potassium iodate 10% S S
Potassium iodide Sat.sol S S
Potassium nitrate Sat.sol S S
Potassium orthophosphate Sat.sol S S
Potassium oxalate Sat.sol S S
Potassium perchlorate Sat.sol S S
Potassium permanganate 20% S S
Potassium persulphate Sat.sol S S
Potassium phosphate Sat.sol S S
Potassium sulphate Sat.sol S S
Potassium sulphide Sol S S
Potassium sulphite Sat.sol S S
Potassium thiocyanate Sat.sol S S
Potassium thiosulphate Sat.sol S S
Propargul alcohol S S
n-Propyl alcohol S S
Propionic acid 50% S S
Propionic acid 100% L L
Propylene dichloride 100% NS NS
Propylene glycol S S
Pyridine 100% S L
Quinol (hydroquinone) Sat.sol S S
Resorcinol Sat.sol S S
Selicylic acid Sat.sol S S
Sea water S S
Selenic acid S S
Silicon oil S S
Silver acetate Sat.sol S S
Silver cyanide Sat.sol S S
Silver nitrate Sat.sol S S
Soap solution 100% S S
Sodium acetate Sat.sol S S
Sodium antimonate Sat.sol S S
Sodium arsenite Sat.sol S S
Sodium benzoate Sat.sol S S
Sodium bicarbonate Sat.sol S S
Sodium bisulphate Sat.sol S S
Sodium bisulphite Sat.sol S S
Sodium borate S S
Sodium bromide Sat.sol S S
Sodium carbonate Sat.sol S S
Sodium chlorate Sat.sol S S
Sodium chloride Sat.sol S S
Sodium chlorite Sat.sol L
Sodium cyanide Sat.sol S S
Sodium dichromate Sat.sol S S
Sodium fluoride Sat.sol S S
Sodium hexafluorosilicate Sat.sol S S
Sodium hydrogen carbonate Sat.sol S S
Sodium hydrogen sulphate Sat.sol S S
Sodium hydrogen sulphite Sat.sol S S
Sodium hydroxide 40% S S
Sodium hypochloride L NS
Sodium iodate 10% S S
Sodium iodide Sat.sol S S
Sodium nitrate Sat.sol S S
Sodium nitrite Sat.sol S S
Sodium ortophosphate Sat.sol S S
Sodium oxalate Sat.sol S S
Sodium phosphate Sat.sol S S
Sodium silicate Sol S S
Sodium sulphate Sat.sol S S
Sodium sulphide Sat.sol S S
Sodium sulphite Sat.sol S S
Sodium thiocyanate Sat.sol S S
Stannic chloride Sat.sol S S
Stannous chloride Sat.sol S S
Starch solution Sat.sol S S
Stearic acid Sat.sol S L
Styrene Sol L NS
Sulphur acid 10 to 50% S S
Sulphuric acid 10% S S
Sulphuric acid 50% S S
Sulphuric acid 70% S L
Sulphuric acid 80% S NS
Sulphuric acid 98% L NS
Sulphuric acid Fuming NS NS
Sulphurous acid 30% S S
Sulphurous acid Sol S S
Tallow S L
Tannic acid Sol S S
Tartaric acid Sat.sol S S
Tetrachloroethylene 100% NS NS
Tetrachloromethane 100% NS NS
Tetradecane NS NS
Tetrahydrofuran NS NS
Tetrahydronaphthalene 100% L NS
Thionyl chloride 100% NS NS
Tin (II) chloride Sat.sol S S
Tin (IV) chloride Sol S S
Titanium tetrachloride Sat.sol NS NS
Toluene 100% NS NS
Tribromomethane NS NS
Trichloroaceteldehyde S
Trichlorobenzene NS NS
Trichloroethylene 100% NS NS
Triethanolamine 100% S NS
Triethylene glycol S S
Trisodium phosphate Sat.sol S S
Tupentine NS NS
Urea up to 30% S S
Urea Sol S S
Urine S S
Vanilla extract S S
Vaseline S L
Vegetables oils S L
Vinegar S S
Water S S
Wetting agents S S
Wines and spirits S S
Xylene 100% NS NS
Yeast Sol S S
Zinc bromide Sat.sol S S
Zinc chloride Sat.sol S S
Zinc oxide Sat.sol S S
Zinc stearate S S
Zinc sulphate Sat.sol S S
o-Zylene NS NS

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